Toyota Prius Commercial Song 2016 – Heck on Wheels

Toyota Prius Commercial Super Bowl 2016

Toyota Prius Commercial Super Bowl 2016

Title: Toyota Prius – Heck on Wheels

HP: “We’re talkin’ ’bout Heck on Wheels, people. We’re also talking about getting you – yes, You – featured in a commercial on the day of the big game. Keep your eyes glued to #GoPriusGo on Twitter during the entire game this Sunday to get your chance to have your tweet seen by the entire football-loving world”.

HT: #GoPriusGo

Song: Heck on Wheels


Well, my name is Todd, and I’ve got a job workin’ for the man from nine to five.
But when I’m on the road, feelin’ bad and bold, it’s the only time I feel alive.
They can’t believe what their eyes have seen. Never thought a Prius could feel so badass.
It’s hybrid mayhem on the road, and goes a bunch of friggin’ miles on so little gas! It’s heck on wheels! I just don’t give a dang.
Heck on wheels!
Sorry, baby! It corners like a boomerang!
When Johnny Law is comin’ after you, but he’s not after you, so you let him through, cause Johnny Law just pass you right on by!
Yeah, this mutha-truckin’ ride is keepin’ it safe, so now I don’t spill my chai!
Heck on wheels!
Come on! Yeah!
Talkin’ ’bout heck on wheels!
Heck on wheels!
Go Prius Go!

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