Toyota Prius Commercial 2016 – The Longest Chase

Toyota Prius Commercial - The Longest Chase

Toyota Prius Commercial – The Longest Chase

The All-New 2016 Toyota Prius – The Longest Chase – is directed like a short action movie, which combines elements of comedy and suspense. It starts with a gang of 4 guys wearing red and violet hoods, who get out of a bank they’ve just rubbed. At the exit, they see how their car is being taken away by a lifting vehicle.
“Oh, no”, one of them cries desperately, removing his hood.
“Told you someone should have waited in the car”, comes the reply of another member of the gang.
They decide to start running and, when they see an all-new 2016 Toyota Prius parked nearby, they leave the bag full of money on the street, with a note saying “Thank you” to the one who left that car there.
The robbers are then shown in the car, speeding on the streets, trying to make their traces disappear. But police are after them. The pursue proves to be more difficult than expected, as cops say that “this thing (Prius) is actually pretty fast”.
When cops finally manage to block the car, its driver discovers how good the rear is. He thus succeeds to get out from the “ambush” and go on the highway.
The chase continues and it is shown on TV. People express their love for Prius on posters displayed on the bridges, while the robbers are still trying to get away.
“It’s the chase of the century and it’s now a global phenomenon”, the news say.
At the end, it is shown how the four robbers manage to avoid again police cars by following the instruction to brake, displayed on the board. They pass smoothly between two police cars while officers are sleeping and they keep going.

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