Tom Clancy’s The Division 2016 – Trailer Song

Tom Clancy's The Division 2016

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2016

Title: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Enemy Factions

Msg – When Society Falls We Rise

HP: “After the outbreak of the virus, many factions took advantage of New York’s collapsed society and infrastructure. Take a look at the variety of deadly enemies that you will encounter in NYC as you fight to restore order and save what remains”.


Wen our city started to collapse
The dark side of humanity took control of the streets
This city fell apart
It’s crazy out here
Every man for himself
Survival of the fittest
You gotta take what you need in this world
This world is Our playground now and no one’s here to stop us
We got outta of Riker’s jail
This is our house
And we ain’t ever goin’ back in that cage
It’s all ours now. We’re the new kings of these streets
These steets must be cleansed
To save our city, we must burn away this disease
Every trace of it
Only throug the power of fire can we be free
Last Man Batalion
Freedom is not a right
Liberty is not a given
This city needs an iron fist to restore order
There shall be no resistance
It is the only solution
This is not our solution
The Division
Our mission is to save what remains
To save what’s left of our city
We Are The Division

Play The Open Beta On February 18th On Xbox One
Song: The Glitch Mob – Better Hide, Better Run (feat Mark Johns)


Unquenched thirst for glory
Sets off a loaded gun
Miscounted inventory
Leaves you with close to none
Betray your inhibitions
But don’t betray your son
Chaos is your redemption
Better hide, better run

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