SoFi Commercial 2016 – This is the Beginning of a Bankless World

SoFi Commercial 2016

SoFi Commercial 2016

About: Social Finance, Inc. (SoFi) is a marketplace lender that provides student loan refinancing, mortgages and other types of loans, such as parent and personal loans.
HP: “Banks were a giant made by men. They were too big to fail. And too big to succeed. SoFi behaves in ways banks can’t and provides products and services they’re not nimble enough to offer”.
Msg – Don’t bank. SoFi


There was a giant made by men
Not from flesh and bone, but bricks and mortar
Paper and ink
Man made the giant
Their creation outgrew them
Its eyes couldn’t see
Its heart couldn’t beat
It was too big to fail
And too big to succeed
This is the beginning of a bankless world
Don’t bank

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