Red Barron Pizza Commercial 2016 – Timeless

Red Barron Pizza Commercial - Timeless

Red Barron Pizza Commercial – Timeless

Red Barron, that has been bringing families together for pizza night since 1976, has the slogan “Come together over a timeless pizza”, so there is no wonder their “Timeless” commercial is centered on a family that eats Red Barron Pizza together over the decades.
The first scene is with a 10-year girl saying that this type of pizza is her favourite, as she loves the crust. “Red Barron Pizza is my favourite. I love the crust and my dad’s jokes”. “Don’t get slushy with me”, is his father’s response.
The second scene shows the same girl as a teenager, sitting on a couch, with a slice of Red Barron Pizza in one hand. “My dad is soo lame. And so is he”, she says referring to her younger brother, who sits next to her. “But with this crust, I can live with them”.
The third scene shows the girl as an adult with her own family, a husband and two children, that reunites for lunch with Red Barron Pizza. “Today, pizza is alive and well. But now I’m the one telling the cheesy jokes”, she admits smiling.

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