NCADA Heroin Super Bowl Commercial Song – All American Girl

NCADA Commercial - Heroin

NCADA Commercial – Heroin

HP: “All American Girl is NCADA’s second anti-heroin PSA. Premiering during Super Bowl 50, it aims to ignite and elevate the conversation about the realities and catastrophic consequences of opioid and heroin use in our community.¬†Join the conversation on Instagram with #heroin”.


Give me an H
Give me an E
Give me an R O I N
What does that spell? – HEROIN

Started at a party everyone was there
She has a couple of pills on a little dare

But now she’s missing class and she’s dropping her pom poms

Nobody knows where she is, not even her mom
Everybody thought she was The All American Girl

So there goes the books, it’s all about the score
There goes the doggy, life is such a bore

There goes the family, she’s got a new friend
There goes the looks, this is The End

I guess she really was the All American Girl

Pick up heroin and you’ll throw away everything you love, share your stories on Instagram with hashtag #heroin.

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