Mattessons TV Advert Song 2016 – The Snackarchist

Mattessons TV Advert 2016 - The Snackarchist

Mattessons TV Advert 2016 – The Snackarchist

Title: The Snackarchist

HP: “He is The Snackarchist. No one tells him what to chew”.

Song: Lethal Bizzle X Stormzy – Dude


Dude, Yo
Yeah, man’s gonna do this one in one take

You ain’t that dude..

Oh no, no way, how is he still here?
How is he still here?
I’m like a permanent scar, I just can’t disappear
Nah man, I can’t disappear
I don’t wanna be the king but it seems that it’s pretty clear
Yeah, it seems pretty clear, man
15 summers straight, I ain’t never skip a year
I ain’t never skip a year
Yeah, yeah, so who’s really really here?
Who’s in the second league, who’s in the top tier?
Who’s really making a living off these bars?
Who really can afford a video with the cars?
Oof, I’m just saying
Tell me, who’s really living that life?
It don’t make you rich
Cause you got 2, 2, look at Ice

You ain’t that dude
What you are on the ‘Gram
In real life you live with your marms
You ain’t that dude
All that money in your hand
Real dons put that money in the bank
You ain’t that dude
Trust me we know who you are
Trust me, you’re not who you are
You ain’t that dude
Yeah, on the ‘Gram you’re a star
But in real life fam, you’re a par
You ain’t that dude

Nah fam, you ain’t that dude..

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