LG X screen and LG X cam Commercial Song 2016

LG X Series Commercial

LG X Series Commercial

Title: LG X screen and LG X cam

HP: “With the new LG X Series, your everyday routine can be a special one! Time to find your special edge with the LG X Series backed by X screen and X cam”.

Song: Tim McMorris – Just Feel The Beat



Turn it up, crank it up, feel it all around
Feel the power of the music, feel the power of the sound
Life’s a great vibration, full of colour, filled with motion
And I’m movin’ like a wave, my body fluid like the ocean

I don’t waste my time with troubles
Too late, I win
Count down, blast off,
Strapped up, strapped in

Now it’s pounding like my heart
Just like the rhythm in the street
My body groovin’ from my head to my feet
Just feel the beat

Just feel the beat..


I got the rhyme time algorithm
Feed the feel good meter

Up time, tempo tappin’
Blowin’ out the speaker

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh..

I got the move, sway, jump jive
Singing out my song
Living life to the fullest
With with my dancing shoes on

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh..

Take a look around you, everything it has a beat
From the people all around, to the walls of concrete
There’s a rhythm, there’s a flow, there’s a stop, there’s a go
If you’ve you never paid attention, then maybe you didn’t know

Yeah, everything is moving, to a relative time
You can always count it out, there’s a reason and a rhyme
You were made to feel alive
Just like the music, so sweet, so
Get up off your seat
And feel the beat

Oh Oh
Just a little louder now
Oh Oh
Yeah, just a little louder now
Oh Oh
Yeah, yeah, come on and feel the beat

Just feel the beat

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