Kmart Home Bedding Commercial – Sleep Like a Dog

Kmart Home Bedding Commercial

Kmart Home Bedding Commercial

Title: Sleep Like a Dog

HP: “Kmart Home Sale! Get what you need for your home at a great value!”.

Open on a woman and her dog sleeping on her bed. The snore loudy in a sort of call-and-response.
The bed is dressed in brand new bedding from Kmart.
As the spot progresses, we see a conversation between the two, all via snores and subtitles.


Man, this new bedding from Kmart sure is comfy.
Yeah, got the whole 8-piece set for $34.99
You kidding?
Nope. And these Joe Boxer pillows? $3.99
Oh, I got plans for those pillows.
Real nice, Zoey. Real nice.
Go back to sleep, Cheryl.
Home Sale Going On Now

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