Kia K900 LeBron James Commercial – Spaceship

Kia K900 Commercial - LeBron James

Kia K900 Commercial – LeBron James

HP: “‘LeBron drives a Kia like I fly a spaceship’ is a very interesting tweet when you consider that LeBron James does drive a Kia K900. That means @Norvina1 must really fly a spaceship. Now LeBron is doing what anybody would do in that situation: trying to hitch a ride to space. Hoping to be the first man to dunk on the moon, LeBron puts on his space suit and fires up his K900 – a luxury car that’s fit For a King.


Norvina: LeBron drives a Kia like I fly a spaceship.
@norvina1, that’s great news.
I mean, my Kia K900 is a marvellous SpaceX Technology and it flies.
Which you literally fly a spaceship?
I’ve always wanted to go to space.
On my way over.
@norvina1, prepare for launch, LeBron is in route.

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