HP Elite x3 Commercial 2016

HP Elite x3 TV Advert 2016

HP Elite x3

Title: HP Elite x3 – A revolution in mobility
HP” Meet the HP Elite x3 – a groundbreaking mobile device built for business with Windows 10. The revolutionary HP Elite x3 puts the power of a PC in the palm of your hand”.


A transformation is coming
The world of computing is about to be reinvented
HP introducing the revolutionary HP Elite x3 – The next generation of computing.
The power of a PC, the versatility of a tablet, the connectivity of a smartphone, in one sleek device that will reinvent the way you work.
Dock it and connect to your monitor for a full PC experience.
Connect it to an innovative mobile extender for ultimate productivity on the go.
Want apps? HP workspace gives you virtual access to your business apps continuum. Makes switching screens seamless.
Take the call without interruption.
With a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor.
All Windows 10 business grade security.
HP Elite x3 – The one device that’s every device

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