Haribo Starmix TV Advert 2016 – Platform

Haribo Starmix TV Advert 2016

Haribo Starmix TV Advert 2016

Title: Haribo Starmix Advert 2016 – Platform

The commercial is created with adults, using kids voice-over.
In a subway station, a young woman asks a young man:
“What’s your favorite Haribo Starmix?”
“I like the egg”, he answers.
An old man who reads his newspaper gets into the conversation, saying that he loves the eggy one the best and after that he winks.
“Because they look like flying saucers”.
“The bottom of it tastes like cream and the top like ….
“Strawberry. It tastes like strawberry “, says another young man.
“And some of them are really squeezy”, adds a lady.
“The rings make me feel like a princess”, says a long-haired and bearded man, looking at his fingers adornished with Haribo jelly rings.

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