Foot Locker February Collection Commercial – Kevin Hart & Draymond Green

Foot Locker Collection

Foot Locker – Kevin Hart & Draymond Green

“The Foot Locker February Collection” commercial features the comediant Kevin Hart and the American basketball player Draymond Green. The two of them are on a podium, among several models, as Hart wants to give to his friend a sneak peak of his fashion line.
“I know you MBA guys love fashion”, says Hart.
“This is extremely weird”, answers Green.
“Try mine. I am oozing with creativity right now. It is popping out. I’m not… I can’t control it”, describes the comediant his state, popping his lips. “I know what I’m doing. I am a pro. Ok? If I was a steak, right now it was the time to eat me.
“But Kev, Foot Locker’s February collection owns all the hot gear this month. You’re sure you want to take that on?, asks Draymond.
The commercial continues with news about what Kevin Hart did after the conversation with Green. “This’s just in: Foot Locker is suing the celebrity Kevin Hart for passing the February collection off as his own”. Hart is then shown defending himself in front of a group of journalists, blaming the MBA player for his act. “Listen, this was Draymond Green’s idea. He physically intimidated me. You spell that with a capital D-r-a-y mond”.
The commercial ends with the slogan “The Hottest Month of the Year” – Footlocker – If it’s here it’s approved.

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