Febreze Commercial 2016 – Febreze smallSPACES and Febreze Air Effects Heavy Duty

Febreze Commercial 2016

Febreze Commercial 2016

Title: Febreze – Breathe Happy

HP: “Have you gone noseblind to lingering garbage odors in your kitchen? Febreze Air Effects Heavy Duty eliminates trashy odors with up to 2x’s the odor eliminating power.
Pair it with Febreze smallSPACES and breathe happy for up to 30 days”.

HT: #Noseblind


Cathy’s gotten used to the smell of lingering garbage in her kitchen.
Yup. She’s gone noseblind.
She thinks is smell fine, but her guests smell this..
Febreze Air Effects Heavy Duty has up to 2 times the odor eliminating power to remove
odors you’ve gone noseblind to.
Use Febreze Air Effects till it’s fresh.
And try Febreze smallSPACES to continuously eliminate up to 2 times the odors for thirty days.
Febreze smallSPACES and Air Effects: two more ways to breath happy.

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