AT&T Commercial 2016 – Spread The Word

AT&T Commercial - Spread The Word

AT&T Commercial – Spread The Word

The “Spread The Word” commercial for AT&T’s High Speed Internet services starts with a teenage girl saying that her father talks to everyone about the great deal he’s got from AT&T.
“Dad’s telling the whole world about the great deal he’s got on high speed Internet from AT&T”.
The girl’s father is shown at a desk, videochatting with three persons about the service he’s acquired.
“My sister took my advice and signed up for AT&T”.
“George”, she says from a tablet, as she is also videochatting.
“Hey, what’s up, guys?” asks one the of two men that are online with the girl’s dad.
“Check yourself, Rodney.”
“Right now, he’s probably talking about how reliable our connection is”, the teenage girl says to the camera.
Her father is then shown again saying: “My connection is super-reliable”.
The commercial ends with one of the man’s interlocutors asking if he knows him.
AT&T offers High Speed Internet at 15 $/month for 12 months.

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