AT&T Commercial 2016 – Siri

AT&T Commercial - Siri

AT&T Commercial – Siri

Title: AT&T – Siri

HP: “What’s better than one new iPhone? Two new iPhones”.

In a AT&T shop, a guy is asking Siri about AT&T’s latest offer. Lily, the hostess who wanted to help him out with information, assumed that Siri didn’t have an answer for this, but actually Siri’s answer was: “Go now to AT&T to get an iPhone for free”.
The client seems too amazed to believe the offer is for real, so he asks the AT&T employee: “Wow, is that right?”.
She confirms, but also Siri answers immediately, saying that this is the current offer from AT&T”.
“Ok, Siri, you don’t know everything”, says the AT&T girl.
“Well, I know that you asked me to call you “the AT&T hostess with the most …..”.
At this point, the girl asks the client to shut it off.
Swith to AT&T and get an iPhone for free plus, get up to 650$ in credits per line to help you switch to AT&T.

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