Amazon Echo Commercial – Alec Baldwin and Jason Schwartzman

Alec Baldwin - Amazon Echo Commercial

Alec Baldwin – Amazon Echo Commercial

Title: Amazon Echo

HP: “Having a hard time getting out of bed on the morning after the big game? Ask Alexa for the news, order a pair bresciani socks, and go right back to sleepĀ just like Alec.

HT: #BaldwinBowl

About – Amazon Echo Alexa is a smart-home device that can tell you the weather, traffic, news, sports, schedule, shopping list and others.


A phone rings and wakes up Alec Baldwin, who sleeps with his shirt and tie on.
“Ya”, he responds after hearing the ringtone.
“You’re ok. He’s ok. He made it”, his interlocutor says relieved.
“Jason, what do you mean?”, is Baldwin’s next question.
“We were very bad boys”, comes the answer.
“Alexa, what’s in the news?”, asks Baldwin to his Amazon Echo machine, that gives him the (un)expected news:
“Here is the news: Alec Baldwin and Jason Schwartzman were seen mooning paparazzi. Baldwin threw a shoe at photographers before making a run for it”.
Baldwin is then shown with one of his socks on, ripped right where his big toe lies.
“Oh, my poor cashmere socks. Alexa, will you order eleven pairs of Bresciani’s?
The machine answers affirmatively: “Reordering Bresciani socks”
In the meantime, Jason, who is still on the phone, asks:
“Ok, listen, can you send some lawyers or something?” Alec?”, asks again.
But Baldwin falls asleep again.

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