Admiral Insurance TV Advert 2016 – First Day

Admiral Insurance TV Advert - First Day

Admiral Insurance TV Advert – First Day

The commercial starts with a young woman dressed in an admiral costume, entering the Admiral building office with two coffees in her hands, in her first day of work.
“Oh, what a beautiful morning”, she sings joyfully.
“Morning, Dereck”, she salutes the receptionist and leaves a coffee on the reception asking rhetorically “two sugars, right?”.
“Oh, what a beautiful day”, she continues singing, while stepping further.
“I’ve got a wonderful feeling”, she throws back the empty coffee directly in the trash can used by the cleaning lady. “Everything going my way”, she sings while entering her office.
At the entrance, surprise! All her colleagues are already in the office, which is adornished with balloons and a poster with the message “Welcome Admiral”. They all shout “Surprise”.
“I didn’t think anyone would be here yet”, she says really surprised.
Two male colleagues get closer to her.
“We knew you’d be here early”, one of her colleagues says.
“I couldn’t wait to get started”, she answers.
“To help people get money on their insurance?”
“Exactly, Tom. Always looking out for the customer”.
“How does she know my name?”, Tom asks to the other colleague.
“She’s the Admiral”, comes the response.
Admiral commercial has the slogan “Admiral, looking out for you”.

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