Sainsbury’s TV Advert 2016 – Fish Pie

Sainsbury's Advert - Fish Pie

Sainsbury’s Advert – Fish Pie

Msg – Sainsbury’s. Live Well for Less
HP: “Ian serves up fish pie every Wednesday for the boys, but it’s getting a little predictable. He dreams of livening it up by catching his own fish, but it turns out his little boating adventure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! What is a good idea, however, is livening up his fish pie with a dash of curry powder as a little twist”.


Every Wednesday, Fish Pie. Time to shake things up.
How about.. catch the fish yourself.
What could be better?
Woah! Maybe not.
Maybe, adding a dash of curry powder, as a little twist.
There you go Ian. Pushing the boat out.
Just a bit.
Sainsbury’s. Live Well for Less.

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