Old Spice Commercial 2016 – Man playing tennis on a whale

Old Spice Commercial 2016 - Whale

Old Spice Commercial 2016 – Whale

HP: “If you’re going to break the world cool limit, you need two things: Old Spice Dirt Destroyer and the kind of disposable income that allows you to befriend a whale and treat him to expensive, nonrefundable luxury items. No regrets! Maybe some regrets. Wow, lots of regrets”.


Where does regular end? And extreme begin?
Good question.
A wise man once said…
“Sweat and body odor is your body’s way of saying. Hey. Slow down. You need a break.”
But thanks to new Dirt Destroyer, the most powerful Old Spice body wash ever made..
My body will finally shut up and let me live.
Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life?
How will I know if I’ve gone too far?
And why did I spend my life saving some sunglasses for a whale?
I shall find the answers to these questions.

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