Nike Women Commercial 2016 – Margot vs Lily

Nike Women Commercial - Margot vs Lily

Nike Women Commercial – Margot vs Lily

Title: Margot vs Lily
HP: “A fitness-obsessed YouTube celeb and her exercise-allergic sister make a bet on New Year’s Eve, and it’s game ON”.


That is my sister, Lily.
She jumps around on YouTube for a living.
Hearts and smarts!
A Better For It Production
And that’s my sister, Margot.
She has a more sedentary lifestyle.
By the way, I don’t normally sit around watching videos of my sister working out.
This is research for a bet.
I dare you to start your own firness channel.
OK, well, I would like to see you get more than zero friends.
You’re on.
Let’s do this, Vikings!
Cruel world!
How does dinner sound?
Why would I ever watch you when I could just watch her?
You wanna be my friend?
This is completely impossible!
Allie, can you help me out?
Not on the grid.
I have an idea that will totally reinvent book club.
Please live.
Why can’t running be more like walking.. or napping?
I think I might be jacked!
Margot vs Lily

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