Lenor TV Advert – Lovely Skirt

Lenor TV Advert

Lenor TV Advert

Lenor TV Advert
Title – Lovely Skirt
HP: “A lovely ode to the skirt. More than a feminine garment. Oh lovely skirt”.


Skirt, oh lovely skirt. Are you more than just a skirt?
You are a symbol of femininity. Where would our legs be without you? And how would we advertise our knees, calves, shins or even ankles? You permit us to wear t-shirts, bikini tops, vests or jackets. All the while assuring us that below the waist you’ve got us covered. Like a good speech you can be short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the basics.
So let’s not skirt around the subject.
You turn heads, drop jaws and, and, and make grown men speechless. You help us in our search for Mr Right yet locate so many mister wrongs.
The ultimate weapon in the gender war. We moan when our parents say You’re not going out like that. Yet you hide those parts we wish to keep secret. Even Scotsmen have taken you to heart. Although we don’t believe in the hemline index.
You are Pencil, A-Line, Maxi, Mini, Micro. Pleated, Bubble, Rara and Tutu. We are not even bias if you are cut on it. High rollers, Low riders, the hip hiders, and knicker flashers. In denim, cotton, herringbone or houndstooth.
We really Can-Can when wearing you. Because you are all of this and so much more, you deserve a little Lenor.

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