DIRECTV Commercial 2016 – The Settlers – Privacy

DIRECTV Commercial - The Settlers

DIRECTV Commercial – The Settlers

Title: The Settlers – Privacy

HP: “With DIRECTV, you can place TVs anywhere in your living space without cluttering it with wires or boxes. Get rid of cable and switch to DIRECTV”.


Dear, if we had DIRECTV we could put TVs anywhere, without looking ar cable wires ans boxes in every room.
Mother we are settlers. We settle for cable and the simpler things in life.
Like our drab clothing.
That’s right daughter.
And homemade haircuts!
Exactly, boy.
Besides if it weren’t for wires, how could cousin Tobias get his pricacy?
Hey! Shut the blanket! I need my privacy!
Don’t be a settler. Get rid of cable and upgrade to DIRECTV.
Call 1-800 DIRECTV.

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