Canzone Pubblicità Vodafone Super Fibra 2016 con Bruce Willis

Vodafone Super Fibra Spot 2016 - Bruce Willis

Vodafone Super Fibra Spot 2016 – Bruce Willis

Msg – Scegli Vodafone Super Fibra e naviga a tutta velocità.
Song: The Kolors – Everytime



Everytime you believe in everyone
In everyone you know
Every time you believe in everything
In everything you do
All it does is just tear you down again
Down again, you know
In every little thing you do

Every time you decide to go ahead
To pass it anyway
Everytime your desires start your brain
Just like a game to play
You can finally see it crystal-clear
But you still feel the same
That’s not what you want to be! Uooho oh oh
You’re only trying to live the way you want

Uooho oh oh
I’ll try to find the reason for goin’ on
Uooho oh oh
I’ll be ready just to lose control
Uoh oh oh..

Everytime you just try to be a rainbow
In someone’s cloud
Everytime you believe a kiss would easily
turn your day around
The whole life may become a little time
To spend without a plan
Darlin it was meant to be

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