AT&T Commercial 2016 – Your Network

AT&T Commercial 2016

AT&T Commercial 2016

Title – Your Network
Msg – This is your network – The network of AT&T.


Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.
It started with a single connection. And the network was born.
Then it connected more and more people until it became clear thet the network was not a fad or a luxury but a basic human necessity.
And so AT&T built a network just for you.
One that connects your family and friends, your businesses, devices, mobile entertainment, connected cars and connected homes.
It grows as you grow. Extending your reach to pull you closer to what you neec and the people you love.
Because you are still evolving and so are we.
With a network that is invented and reinvented every day to work for you – how and where you need it.
This is your network – the network of AT&T.

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