Musique Publicité Yelloh! Village 2017 avec Stéphane Bern

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Publicité Yelloh! Village avec Stéphane Bern

Publicité Yelloh! Village avec Stéphane Bern

Title: Yelloh! Village – Publicité TV avec Stéphane Bern

HP: “Découvrez le dernier spot TV de la chaine de camping Yelloh! Village. L’ambassadeur Stéphane Bern est de retour dans cette nouvelle publicité ici en pleine promenade au camping”.

Song: Mel Brooks – It’s Good To Be The King


Now get down people and listen to me
Gonna tell you how I make history
You can call me Louis I’m the king of France
Check out my story while you do your dance
Now in 1789 the peasants were starving but I was fine
We were hanging out, down in old Versailles
That’s the week end pad of my queen and I
In the alleys of Paris they were eating rats
But it was filled in yummy for aristocrats
There were dukes and counts and barons and earls
I gave them the titles but I kept the girls
Blonds, red heads, wild brunettes
Ladies and waitresses I didn’t wait to get
There was truffles for breakfast, toast for brunch
The line of the Follies Bergères for lunch

Ooh yes it’s good to be the king
Ooh La La
Gee but it’s good to be the king
Say it girls
You can be sure about one thing
Ooh La La
Mais oui, it’s good to be the king
It’s good to be the king

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