Harrods Christmas Advert 2016 – A Very British Bear Tale

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Harrods Christmas TV Advert - A Very British Bear Tale

Harrods Christmas TV Advert – A Very British Bear Tale

Harrods has released the Christmas advert, featuring “A Very British Bear Tale”.

The story is narrated by a female voiceover and it is as follows: “Once upon a time, in a palace called Harrods,
magical toys helped Father Christmas. Across the street, a cheeky elf was up to mischief. The palace was under a wintry spell. All except for him (a bear). He was too snugly to freeze.

Through the storm he came up with a plan. Jogging higher and higher, he climbed through the palace and collected all he needed until he reached the top. (The ad features the bear holding a poster with the writing “Help Father Christmas”). Only one person could help him now. Over in the North Pole, Rudolf raised the alarm. (Santa wakes up and gets on the slope). They wasted no time and arrived at the palace, breaking the elf’s spell. Father Christmas was pleased with you so was the silver fairy.

In a flurry of magic they crowned him Prince You, brave and kind. Christmas was saved thanks to one courageous little bear”.

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