Nespresso George Clooney Commercial 2016 – Change Nothing

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Nespresso George Clooney Commercial 2016

Nespresso George Clooney Commercial 2016

Nespresso has released a new commercial, starring George Clooney and Ian McShane.
The spot, titled “Change Nothing”, features the American actor in the tasting area of a Nespresso store, after having bought a full bag of Nespresso. At some point, an attractive woman in a red dress gets closer and starts a short conversation only to draw her bodyguards’ attention on him.
“Nothing better than Nespresso, is there?”, asks her, with a discrete yet charming smile.
“I wouldn’t change a thing”, answers Clooney, smiling back.
Immediately after that, the woman turns away and leaves, letting the bodyguards “do their job”, namely grab him, throw him in the car and taking him to a huge mansion, where their boss, the woman’s husband (played by Ian McShane), lives.
All this time, Clooney holds tight the bag with Nespresso in his hands as if he had a treasure inside.
Faced with the woman’s husband, who shouts at him “Fancy my wife, do you?”, Clooney remains speechless, not knowing what to say and how to react.
“How are you going to make it up to me?”, asks McShane, looking at the Nespresso bag when asked what he wants.
When seeing that Clooney is not willing to give him the coffee, he orders his “boys” to handle him. They drag him down the stairs and throw him in the trunk.
The next scene features Clooney next morning, having coffee at home. With a black eye and bandages on his face, he says to his maid, who asks him if everything is ok, that he wouldn’t change a thing.
“Must be some coffee”, says the woman, leaving the room.

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