Haig Club Clubman Advert Song 2016 – Make Your Own Rules

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Haig Club Clubman Advert 2016 - Make Your Own Rules

Haig Club Clubman Advert 2016 – Make Your Own Rules

David Beckham stars in the new Haig Club Clubman TV ad, titled “Make Your Own Rules”.

The 60-second spot, released to welcome you to a new world of style and taste, features the former football player enjoying a glass of Haig Club Clubman, his brand of whisky (named after John Haig, the founder of Cameronbridge distillery, where the whisky is made), in the company of some friends, in a night club, and then on a terrace, while playing cards with them and watching a film.
The voiceover starts talking about the rules of whisky and lists some of the things “they say”, such as “you’re only allowed a single splash of water or, if you must, a single cube of ice”, “you should wait until it’s old”, “it’s best enjoyed alone”, “taken seriously” and “it should be drunk in silence”.
However, at the end, the same voiceover, that proves to be an attractive woman, adds: “But you know what they say about rules. Make your own rules”. She then joins the group of people where Beckham is, as well, and raises a glass of Haig Club.
The song used in the ad is “W.A.R.R.I.O.R” by Ebony Bones.

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