Virgin Holidays Advert Song 2016 – Seize The Holiday

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Virgin Holidays TV Advert 2016

Virgin Holidays TV Advert 2016

Virgin Holidays has released a new advert inviting you to seize the holiday and to say hello to the world, reminding you that “all it takes is the will to get up, get out, and dive headfirst into the world outside your door”.

In the 30-second spot, featuring places from all over the world, the voiceover says: “Right now, all over the world incredible is happening and it’s happening this very moment. (…) Wouldn’t you rather be doing this? (bashing through the dunes outside Dubai in a 4×4).
Or this? (diving into the ocean). And if you’re feeling brave, how about this? Because the world, my friends, is your playground. Seize the holiday. Virgin Holidays”.
The track used in this ad is “Right Here, Right Now” by Fatboy Slim.

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