Loves Park (2017 Movie) – Trailer Song

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Loves Park (2017 Movie)

Loves Park (2017 Movie)

The trailer for the 2017 indie drama Loves Park has been released.

The film follows the lives of two Los Angeles hipsters, Benjamin and Edie, whose hopeful dreams for the future get eroded when they find themselves forced by family circumstances to spend time in Loves Park, a gritty trailer park town on the outskirts of the once-proud Rockford, Illinois.
The lush synth pop score for the film, such as “Loves Park EP” by LA artist Carol Rhyu, aka White Blush, and “Prints” by Prints, provides the haunting musical backdrop for this hollowing out of the American Dream.
The track used in the trailer is “Sydonia (Second Concept Mix)” by Anthony Mea.

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