Why Him? (2016 Movie) – Trailer Songs

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Why Him? (2016 Movie)

Why Him? (2016 Movie)

Why Him? is an upcoming American comedy, directed by John Hamburg, centered around Laird, a young eccentric Silicon Valley billionaire, and his girlfriend’s family, the Flemmings, who visit him over the Christmas holidays.
Laird, played by James Franco, does not convince Stephanie’s father, Ned, that he is the right guy for her, making the latter asking “Of all the guys out there, why him?”. When Ned finds out that Laird intends to propose to Stephanie on the Christmass Day, his panic level increases and starts acting weird.
The film also stars Zoey Deutch, as Laird’s girlfriend, Stephanie, Bryan Cranston as Stephanie’s father, Megan Mullally, as Stephanie’s mother, Griffin Gluck as Stephanie’s younger brother, Keegan-Michael Key and others.  The release in US theaters is set for December 25, 2016.
The tracks used in the trailer are “My Girl” by the American vocal group The Temptations, “Get Ugly” by Jason Derulo, and “Berzerk” by Eminem.

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