Vitabiotics Wellman Vitamins Commercial Song 2016 – David Gandy

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Vitabiotics Wellman Vitamins Commercial 2016 - David Gandy

Vitabiotics Wellman Vitamins Commercial 2016 – David Gandy

Vitabiotics UK introduces in its new Wellman TV ad the global male supermodel David Gandy, who has become the new Wellman ambassador.

The 60-second spot titled “Check out our Wellman ambassador David Gandy in action for our TV ad” features a day of the British model’s life. According to the ad, his schedule would be as follows: wake up at 5.30am, jogging and training at the gym. The next destination is the set and then the airport, as he heads off to New York City. There, a taxi leaves him at a business center where he signs off a contract, then takes a flight back to London. By the end of the day, he gets to go also to the tailor for a new suit.
The onscreen line reveals the secret for doing so many things in just one day: it’s vitamin B12, which “supports normal energy release”.
The advert ends with the voiceover saying “Wellman – the UK’s number 1 vitamins for men. From Vitabiotics”.
The track playing in the background is “Hollandia”, performed by the Manchester’s Psychedelic Rock/Pop band Ethan & The┬áReformation.

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