The King of Fighters 14 (2016 Game) Trailer

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The King of Fighters 14 (2016 Game)

The King of Fighters 14 (2016 Game)

The King of Fighters saga continues with an epic new story: The King of Fighters 14. PlayStation has released a trailer for the upcoming fighting game developed for PS4 and scheduled to be released in August.

The new game, with a new story line, follows Antonov, a mysterious tournament organizer proclaiming himself as the first champion. With 48 fighters invited, domination, hatred and revenge, the tournament is full of twists. A countdown to destruction begins by the will of a supernatural entity, and you have to face your destiny and save the world. Seven playable characters are available and various modes. You can learn how to play the game via “Tutorial Mode”, you can play against the CPU and friends in “VS Mode”, you can master your moves and combos in “Training Mode”.
King of Fighters’s Demo will launch July 19 on PSN. The game will arrive first in North America, on August 23, then in Japan on August 25, and then in Europe, on August 26, 2016.

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