Porsche 911 R Commercial 2016 – Everything you need to know

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Porsche 911 R Commercial 2016

Porsche 911 R Commercial 2016

Porsche has released a new video to tell you “everything you need to know” about the new Porsche 911 R.

The limited-edition Porsche (as there are only 911 of them worldwide) stands for maximum performance, for extremely lightweight design, for unfiltered driving experience. With 500 HP engine that can rip up to 8.500 rpm, very similar to the engine used in Porsche’s purebred race vehicles, Porsche 911 R weights 1370 kilograms with the full fuel tank.
It has some really powerful forward propulsion, six-speed manual transmission, and the option of a single mass flywheel. There has been a lot of saving done in terms of weight: an example in this regards are the thin glass windows, the many exterior parts made of carbon fiber, the magnesium sheet metal roof (which is actually an innovation in the automotive industry), and very lightweight seats in the vehicle.
A short introduction in the Porsche’s history is made, as well, in order for people to have an overview on how it evolved throughout time and how the principle of lightweight design has been implemented.

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