Maytag Dishwasher Commercial 2016 – Lasagna

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Maytag Man Dishwasher Commercial 2016 - Lasagna

Maytag Man Dishwasher Commercial 2016 – Lasagna

The latest commercial released by Maytag Brand, advertising their dishwasher, features the Maytag Man holding a dirty pan in his hands, under the counter.

“Maytag knows that when you make a seven-layer lasagna, sometimes only six layers leave the pan. Now you might feel inclined to let a mess like this soak on that beautiful counter up there. But that counter wasn’t meant to display soaking pans of filth. That counter was meant to display ceramic roosters, lazy toasters, or whatever else you’re in to. So you just hand messes like this to Maytag and let the power blast cycle take care of things. And use your precious counter space for decorative pepper”, says the Maytag Man.
The spot ends with the voiceover saying the company’s tagline: “Maytag – What’s Inside Matters”.

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