Hyundai 2016 Olympic Games Commercial Song – Together We Stand

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Hyundai 2016 Olympic Games Commercial - Together We Stand

Hyundai 2016 Olympic Games Commercial – Together We Stand

Hyundai has released a new commercial to celebrate the participants at the 2016 Olympic Games and to show its support to them, as official sponsor of the event.
The spot, almost 2-minutes-long, features a few images from Rio and various sports persons training for the competition. People with the same passion, such as running, boats, bicycle, are also shown supporting the first ones by handing them over a bottle of water, by cheering them up or by following them by car.
“This is a journey we face together. Together we are faster. Together we are stronger. Together we will go further. We support each other. We inspire each other”, says the voiceover, speaking on behalf of Hyundai team.
While the final onscreen lines are “All players have partners with a shared passion”, the voiceover continues his speech by saying “Our passion is our strength. Hyundai supports your passion. A lifetime partner”.
The track playing in the background is the instrumental part of “Judaiyan”, by Arjun Gill feat. Prabh Near.

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