Foot Locker Commercial 2016 – James Harden – Greatest Pre-Roll Ever

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Foot Locker Commercial 2016 - Greatest Pre-Roll Ever

Foot Locker Commercial 2016 – Greatest Pre-Roll Ever

Foot Locker has released a new commercial starring James Harden, to showcase that his Ultra Boosts adidas from Foot Locker give him inner confidence. But there is something else which gives him confidence, as well: a little voice in his voice, telling him that he stars in the greatest pre-roll advertisement in the history of pre-roll advertisements.

The 35-second spot, titled “Greatest Pre-Roll Ever”, features the American professional basketball player lifting weights at the gym and listening to his inner voice, which says: “No one will dare skip this video, James. How could they possibly skip this? This pre-roll video is probably the best pre-roll video of all time. They probably already forgot what video they were trying to watch because they’re mesmerized by your curls working your beautiful biceps. They’re going to buy adidas Ultra Boosts from Foot Locker, they’re gonna buy the whole outfit and you’re going to start a new trend where¬†guys go the gym and they work on their biceps and they’re going to call it working out. And you invented it, James. Only you”.

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