Volvo XC90 Commercial Song 2016

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Volvo XC90 Commercial 2016

Volvo XC90 Commercial 2016

Volvo USA have released a new commercial, titled “Wedding”, to promote their new luxury SUV XC90, whose twin engine features three modes: pure, hybrid, and power.
The 30-second video stars a family on their way to a wedding, with a Volvo XC90. While the passanger on the right seat is looking at some photographs, the woman driving the car decides to select a special song and play it for the groom, who’s staying in the back. His emotional reaction is displayed shortly, and then the SUV is shown on a highway.
The spot, with the song “Every Time the Sun Comes Up” by the American singer and songwriter Sharon Van Etten in the background, ends with the tagline written on the screen: “The Volvo XC90. Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid. Our idea of luxury”.

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