Virgin Trains Commercial Song 2016 – Bound For Glory

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Virgin Trains Commercial 2016

Virgin Trains Commercial 2016

The latest Virgin Train East Coast advert, released at mid-May with the slogan “Bound For Glory”, features a woman travelling by train to attend a marathon named 20k City Challenge, in a blue fish costume.
In the 60-second long version, she is shown running among hundreds of people wearing regular running gear and escaping a shark (aka a man dressed up a in shark costume), and crossing the finish line after overcoming other various physical obstacles and difficulties.
The narrator says: “You’ve come the distance on a Virgin train. So you’re not just in the zone, you own the zone. This is your date with destiny. Time to run like no fish has run before. You are fortitude in fish form, you have a black out in limb loosening. You don’t walk on water, you dance. You hit the wall like a wrecking ball, you’re a lean marine running machine. You come, you run, you conquer. When it matches big time, Virgin trains. Be Bound for Glory”.

Song: The Heavy – How You Like Me Now


Now there was a time
When you loved me so
I couldn’t do wrong
And now you need to know

See, I been a bad bad bad bad man
And I’m in deep
I found a brand new love for this man
And can’t wait till you see
I can’t wait

So how you like me now?
How you like me now?

Remember the time
When I eat you up
Yeah I was a lie
That you can’t give up

If I was to cheat
Oh no, would you see right through me?
If I sing a sad sad sad sad song
Would you give it to me?
Would you?

So how you like me now?
How you like me now?

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