Rekorderlig Cider Advert Song – Silver Skaters

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Rekorderlig Cider Advert – Silver Skaters

Rekorderlig Cider Advert – Silver Skaters

The latest advert released by the Swedish premium cider brand Rekorderlig Cider, with the tagline “Beautifully Swedish”, features their talented, quirky ice skaters and their evangelical coach, Jarmo.
The 30-second spot, titled “Silver Skaters”, stars two bearded blond skaters performing an increasingly bizarre routine out on the ice of
Tornetrask lake,  in Sweden. In the meantime, their coach sings the Swedish folk track “rThe Reindeer Herder’s Joik”, originally performed by Jon Henik Fjällgren.
People watching them from the sideways, some of them with binoculars, raise, at the end, a glass of Rekorderlig Cider.

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