Purina ONE Cats Commercial 2016 – Tender Selects Cat Food

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Purina ONE Cat Commercial 2016

Purina ONE Cat Commercial 2016

Purina ONE Cat’s latest commercial introduces the cats Ziggy, Stella, Sunny and Cookie, who love Tender Selects cat food from Purina ONE.
Their owners explain the reasons why in a 60-second spot.
“The first time I saw the variety of textures I thought this is not just your ordinary cat food. So there’s two different pieces to the food: there’s a tender meaty piece and a crunchy piece”, says one of the cat owners.
“She loves meal time now and just comes running whenever she hears her food bag open”, states another owner.
“And I didn’t think changing her food will change so much about her life. She’s so much more energetic, she’s happy to run into the room to eat, chattering and she’s purring, her coat is shinier, her eyes are bright”, tells another owner about her cat.
“Sunny has always been happy and healthy, but now I’ve seen such a difference in him. He has more energy, he’s around us more. It helps us bond because we get to spend more time together”, is the story of Sunny’s owner.
“I see the whole body health now, it’s not just what’s inside but also on the outside”, says another owner.
“I’m glad we tried it because he loves it so much. That’s why we are excited about Purina One, because it has all the nutrition that he needs and the taste that he loves”, is the last account.

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