Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute Commercial Song – Simon Baker

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Givenchy Gentlemen Only Commercial

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Commercial

The latest commercial launched by Givenchy, to advertise their new fragrance Gentlemen Only Absolute, stars Simon Baker, the face of the
collection, being a really charming and funny gentleman. Why? Because he does, with the skills of a good actor, an unexpected movement.
The 30-second spot features the Australian actor, dressed in an elegant black suit, entering an elevator in which there are three beautiful brown women.
The exchange of sensual looks between them is interrupted by another woman, a blonde one, who runs toward the elevator. Baker sees her in time and keeps the elevator’s doors open so that she could enter too. She walks in delighted and smiling, but the next second, the actor gets out, leaving the four women behind. While on their face delusion can be read, on Baker’s face a big smile appears while going down the stairs.
The track used in this ad is “Love You ‘Cause You’re There”, performed by the British band Hidden Charms.

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