Gillette Commercial Song 2016 – First Joke & First Kiss

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Gillette Commercial 2016

Gillette Commercial 2016

Gillette launched a new ad campaign with a series of adverts that promote Gillette razors as “first real razors”, with the famous tagline “Gillette. The best a man can get”.
In the spot “First Joke vs. First Real Joke”, the voiceover says: “Your first joke is never as good as your first real joke. Like your first razor will never be as good as your first real razor”.
Another spot, titled “First Kiss vs. First Real Kiss”, the voiceover says: “Your first kiss doesn’t even come close to your first real kiss. Just like your first razor doesn’t even come close to your first real razor”.
The ads do not lack funny scenes, especially the one about first kiss, which features an awkward first kiss between two teenagers and a first
real kiss between two youngsters, who feel like being in seventh heaven when they are actually on a street with dogs barking, people spluttering and police cars running with sirens on.

Commercial Song: Da Diggler – Hands 2 Tha Pump

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