Experian Commercial 2016 – Anthem

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Experian Commercial 2016

Experian Commercial 2016

The latest Experian’s commercial, released at end of May, expresses the idea that credit is a skill that one can always improve by working on it, spending time with it and taking an interest in building it.
The 60-second video features several persons, from babies to older people, that get better at what they do – walking, managing to pee in the toilet, riding the bicycle, diving, mastering the skateboard, playing basketball, baking a cake, driving a car, going shopping with┬áthe toddler, mastering yoga poses.
The voice-over says: “Everything you are pretty good at now you were once, well, pretty bad at. What you learned, you got better. At Experian we believe it’s the same with managing the credit. You may not be good at it now, but that’s ok, because credit isn’t just a score, it’s a skill.
And you can be better. Experian. Be Better at Credit!”

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