Cricket Wireless Commercial 2016 – #PhotoMombing

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Cricket Wireless Commercial

Cricket Wireless Commercial

Cricket Wireless launched a new commercial, titled PhotoMombing, featuring several mothers dead set on spoiling their kids photos and selfies by unexpectedly appearing in the camera’s field of view.
The women starring in the 30-second spot have all something to say and their speeches, glued all together, sound like this: “I get it. I’m not cool enough to be on your Instagram pics. You wouldn’t be taking a picture every second of your awesome life if it weren’t for me. Who do you think pays for those unlimited data plans, you little snot monsters? It’s time for mothers to act. I am going to photomomb the fun out of every single selfie. Because we are mothers. And we will always be behind you”.
The commercial, aimed at making an original “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting, ends exactly with this greeting and the hashtag #PhotoMombing.

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