ClearScore Commercial 2016 – Wat Doing

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ClearScore Commercial 2016

ClearScore Commercial 2016

The ClearScore have launched an ad campaign to promote their website,, with a series of funny adverts, 30-second long.
One of them, titled “Wat Doing”, stars a boxer that talks to the owner and tells him he loves him; obviously, this type of approach melted many people’s hearts, especially dog owners, and made them love the ad.
The spot starts with a couple watching TV, where a commercial for runs, with the voiceover saying “Check your credit score today. For free. At”.
The woman, laid back on the couch, asks her partner to check their credit scores.
“Why? You wanna check it?”, he asks.
“Ya. The free credit score with”, she says, pushing her foot with a fluffy sock into his hair.
Her partner, who has the laptop on his knees, goes to and sees their credit score.
One second later, their dog, a boxer, appears between his legs, asking: “Wat Doing?”
“I’m just checking my credit score for free”, answers the man.
“Ok, I love you”, adds the dog and then turns around and leaves.
“Ya, I love you too”, answers the man.
“Hm, I love you too”, says also the woman.

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