Mobil 1 Commercial – Jenson Button & Fernando Alonso – Monaco

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Mobil 1 Commercial

Mobil 1 Commercial

One of the latest commercials for Mobil 1 motor oil, from the series “Endless Roadtrip”, launched at the end of April, features McLaren-Honda drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso while on the road, gearing up for their next race at the Monaco Grand Prix. Unfortunately for them, driving through winding Monaco streets isn’t as easy as it looks.
“Fernando, you’re lost?” asks Button.
“No. I won the Grand Prix here”, answers Alonso.
“Yes, so did I”.
“You only once. I went twice. Two times as many as you”, says Alonso. “Lost? Please! Maybe you are lost”, he adds smiling.
A lot can happen between oil changes. Follow the #mobil1roadtrip.

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