GOOD THiNS Commercial 2016 – PG-13

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GOOD THiNS Commercial – PG-13

GOOD THiNS Commercial – PG-13

Title: GOOD THiNS – PG-13

HP: “Baked with real ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors, new GOOD THiNS are great for the whole family. Even if your go-to Friday night movie isn’t. GOOD THiNS. Your Go-To Good”.


You’ve got your go-to movie.
Which has that one scene you forgot about.
So you use your go-to parental blocking device.
And the next day, it becomes his go-to story.
And just as he’s about to tell where the story originated.. you use your
go-to distraction technique.
We have to go. Nice.
Time to celebrate with your go-to snack.. which comes in lots of flavors.
Baked with real ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors.
Introducing GOOD THiNS.
Your Go-To Good.

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