Samsung Galaxy S7 Commercial 2016 – Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes

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Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes

Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes

The “Canoe” Samsung’s commercial for Galaxy S7 is centered around Lil Wayne, trying out the new smartphone.
With the device placed on his head, he sits on the couch and says: “Lil Wayne drinking some tea”. He then puts the smartphone on his eyes and the perspective changes. “Lil Wayne fighting some robots in outer space”. When he lifts up the device, he says “Lil Wayne sitting on the couch”.
He answers a phone call, but he’s quite expeditious: “I’m gonna’ have to call you back. I’m shooting a commercial”. After hanging up, he says “Lil Wayne dealing with annoying friends all the time”. He puts the Samsung Galaxy back on and says: “Lil Wayne in the canoe with Wesley Snipes”. That moment, Wesley Snipes comes in and takes a seat on an armchair.
“Oh, Wesley Snipes, I was just in a canoe with you”.
“Cool”, answers Snipes.
“Lil Wayne talking to Wesley Snipes”.
“Lil Wayne surfing in Thailand with Wesley Snipes”.
“Very cool”, answers Snipes.
The narrator says: “The new virtual reality powered by Samsung S7 Edge”.

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